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Agent Sidekick provides websites and personal branding for real estate agents. We want our clients to be found and stand out from all of the other Realtor websites. We know that you are a real estate superhero, and we can be your agent sidekick.

Having a website is critical to generating leads and providing value for your clients.

You know that being a real estate agent requires you to have a personal relationship with your clients? You know that each client’s needs are different. If you look around your office, you have also noticed that every single real estate agent is very different.

Then why do all Realtors have the same sterile website? Even worse, why do some Realtors not even have a website to help show their personal expertise?

You are a unique brand, you provide a unique service, and your website should reflect that.

Hi!  My name is Mike Jacobs, and I am the founder of Agent Sidekick.  Thank you for visiting Agent Sidekick and considering Agent Sidekick for your website and branding needs.

I created Agent Sidekick with one person in mind: your client.

Let’s take a step back in time so I can explain.

Mike’s personal home shopping experience

Agent Sidekick was envisioned after my personal home buying experiences.  I have bought and sold homes in multiple cities.  There was one thing I needed at the beginning of each home search that I had a hard time finding – a Realtor.  More specifically, a Realtor that I would feel comfortable working with and would fit my needs.

Finding a Realtor is easy, but finding the right Realtor is very difficult.

I was one of the 92% of home shoppers who used the internet to start my home search.  I used Google to search for a Realtor. But all I found was Realtors’ generic websites with pictures of houses and no way to differentiate any of the Realtors.

How was I supposed to find a Realtor that would fit my unique needs?

Do you think that home shoppers and sellers have a hard time finding you?

Most home buyers AND home sellers are in the same boat that I was in.

You may have a list of satisfied clients who are more than happy to refer you.  But does that provide you with all the leads you can handle? I fortunately had friends who referred me to some great Realtors.

The power of the Internet is greatly under-utilized by Realtors. And leveraging that website as an extension of their brand is even more rare for Realtors.

When I was searching for a Realtor, it would have been helpful if every Realtor had a personalized website so I could learn about each specialty, niche, personality, and brand. Fortunately for you, far too few Realtors have a personal website (websites with a brokerage doesn’t count as a personal website). So the opportunity for you to get found by people searching for a Realtor on the internet is huge.

Bottom Line

I want home shoppers and sellers to be able to find a quality real estate agent that will fit their needs.  By providing the Agent Sidekick service to you, I am helping out people who want to get into the real estate market, and are one of the 92% of people who use the internet as part of the process.  Those people can be your clients.

Let me know if I can help you help your future clients by helping you!

My best tip for getting started is to take a Product Tour to see how we can be your agent sidekick to help you generate amazing leads with your new website that showcases who YOU are.  When you’re done, please request a Free Consultation to tell me your story and understand how we can help you.

Talk to you soon!


The Agent Sidekick

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