Brand Development

Personal branding is the most powerful tool to set yourself apart from other Realtors.  And surprisingly, it’s also one of the easiest things to do.  It just takes a little bit of thought and a way to promote.

You are a brand.  Your website is one extension of your brand.  Your email address is an extension of your brand.  The way you communicate with clients and leads over the phone and by email are another extension of your brand.  Your social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are extensions of your brand.  Things like your business cards are an extension.  You, your specialty, and your niche make up your brand.

One major problem with most agents’ websites (and for that matter business cards and email) are that they don’t use them as an opportunity to brand themselves.

Working with a Realtor is a very personal experience.  But brokerages have done their best to sterilize a lead’s ability to find a Realtor.  Every Realtor’s website is identical.  Every Realtor’s business card is identical.  Every email sent by a Realtor makes sure to brand their brokerage, but does nothing to brand themselves.

Do you see the problem?

What can you do to set yourself apart from every other Realtor who has a website?  One word: brand.

The purpose of your website is to market and sell you.

Your BRAND markets you.

Your BRAND makes you different from other Realtors.

Your BRAND sells you to the person on your website convincing them to email or call you.

You have a brand that can be marketed whether you know it or not.  Agent Sidekick has simple tools to help you learn your brand, put your brand into words, and the ability to market your brand on your Beautiful Website.

Your personal brand will set you apart from every other Realtor who has a website.  You will have an instant advantage and get those leads that are searching for a Realtor in your area.

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