Lead Capture

Your Agent Sidekick website provides the tools to capture leads.

Notice that we didn’t say generate leads, or purchase leads.  You will capture leads.

According to research by the National Association of Realtors in 2014, 92% percent of buyers use the internet in some way in their home search process.  Home shoppers are online!  You should be too.

This is done as simple as having a means for the home shopper to provide you their information many different ways.

  • Your contact information is almost always within sight.
  • With pop-ups requesting their contact information.  Too many pop-ups can harm the user experience, so your pop-ups will be used sparingly yet strategically.
  • When searching for homes, your website visitors can enter their information on your website to contact you when they find a specific property they are interested in.
  • Call to Action buttons are located on your website where they are proven to convert visitors to leads.

Once the lead enters their information through your website, their information is sent directly to you.  They are now your lead.  Not only that, but because they contacted you directly, they are a qualified lead.  They have proven that they are about to enter the real estate market, and they have chosen your Brand to work with.

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