More Features Coming Soon…

Agent Sidekick cares about our clients, and about our clients’ clients.  We sincerely appreciate that our clients have selected us to provide them with a website, branding, and lead capturing service.  These are critical tools for today’s Real Estate Agents, and we are thankful that our clients have entrusted Agent Sidekick to help them with their business.

Agent Sidekick is continuously improving the products and services available to our clients.  There are several reasons:

  1. We have more functionality that we are developing.  We have some cool ideas, but they take time to create.
  2. Technology is always changing and improving.  We want our clients to have tools that keep up with technology, not fall behind.
  3. Strategies are always changing.  We want our clients to be able to successfully use new marketing and website strategies as they are developed.
  4. Most importantly, is that we want our clients to succeed with Agent Sidekick.  We don’t want to hold our clients back.  We want to provide the most valuable set of tools on the market.

What are these features?  Like an artist who doesn’t want to show their work before it complete, Agent Sidekick wants you to be able to focus on the existing tools available rather than waiting in eager anticipation for our enhancements.

These features will come in three categories.

  1. Improving the backend functionality.  These are things that aren’t easily apparent to our clients.  But we are moving forward with technology as it advances.  We can guarantee that our clients will not have an outdated product.
  2. New functionality for our clients to use.  These functionalities will become part of our standard product.  In general, we will make our clients aware of these new functionalities and give them the opportunity to have them implemented for free.  The theory is that if it is available for our new clients, we will absolutely have it available for our existing loyal clients.
  3. Additional products.  These will be premium features that will be valuable to our clients who would like to purchase them.

But if you want to be the first to hear when new features are available, be sure to provide us your information so we can let you know when new features are available.

Thank you for taking the Agent Sidekick Product Tour!  To learn how Agent Sidekick can help your business, please sign up for a Free Consultation.