Process from your interest in Agent Sidekick to having your own personalized website:

  1. Contact Agent Sidekick for a Free Consultation.
  2. Free Consultation via phone with Agent Sidekick.  This can take place as soon as one day after you submit your free consultation request.  Or you can let us know the best time to call.  Please allow 30-60 minutes for the call.
  3. We will send you an invoice for the setup fee to get you started.
  4. As soon as the setup fee is paid, we will send you a link to the “Agent Discovery” questionnaire to be completed through the Agent Sidekick website.  Please allow ~2 hours to complete the questionnaire.  This questionnaire will ask for basic information about you; information so we can start to set up your IDX; initial text for your website include your home page, about me page, your community pages; and images that you would like to use.  You can always save your place and come back to complete it later.  The more thought and detail you put into your Agent Discovery, the better we can make and personalize your website for you.
  5. Once we receive the completed questionnaire, we will discuss domain name strategy, and guide you through the domain name purchase process.
  6. We will create your IDX account and create your website with the text and images you provided. During this time, your IDX will show in “Pending” mode with limited functionality.  We may also suggest edits to your text to help develop your brand and make it SEO friendly.  This process will take 3-5 business days.
  7. You will have a chance to review your website, and request any edits.  Please note that we can only accept one round of edits
  8. After your edits are implemented, we will send you the first monthly invoice that will be sent you on a monthly recurring basis.
  9. Once we receive your first monthly payment, we will “flip the switch”.  This includes turning the IDX on, and submitting necessary information to search engines so your website can be discovered.

The process can take as little as one week from consultation to website launch.

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