Wayne Gretzky earned the nickname “The Great One” for a very good reason.  Aside from a small town reporter calling Gretzky “The Great One” when he was only 10 years old, few would argue that he was the greatest ice hockey player in NHL history.  In addition to being great at hockey, he also left us with a few nuggets of insight as to what made him “The Great One.”  So how does any of this relate to real estate agents?

Let’s first compare the similarities between Realtors and NHL ice hockey players.  They are both professionals.  There are some really good ones who make a very good living.  There are some bad ones whose career doesn’t last that long.  But the majority of Realtors and NHL players are average in their professions.

Then there are the Wayne Gretzky’s.  In ice hockey, there was only one.  But many average hockey players learned from the way Gretzky played to become really good.

Realtors can also learn from Wayne Gretzky in two quotes:

Wayne said that most good hockey players skate to the hockey puck.  But Gretzky explained that what made him great was that he would:

“Skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been.”

Translated into the business of real estate, it means look at where the industry is going, and be one of the first Realtors there.  So much of real estate today is online.  Leads are going online looking for information.  But Zillow and a few Wayne Gretzky’s are actually taking advantage of the amazing value of internet marketing by having a website, an information rich blog, and connecting with leads via social media.

Gretzky would skate to where the puck is going.  Realtors need to market where the leads are going.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

There are two results that could happen when Wayne Gretzky took a shot on the net: he would score a goal, or he would miss.  But he couldn’t score a goal if he didn’t take the shot, and he scored a lot of goals.  Gretzky would increase is chances of scoring a goal by taking the best shot he could.

Likewise, there are two options Realtors have when they market themselves: they can generate leads online, or they won’t get leads online.  It’s hard to get online leads without a website for them to find, use, and get value from.  Lead generating Realtors increase their chances of getting online leads by getting an effective website.

Many Realtors don’t think they have the time, the money, or even know how to start marketing online with a website.  Those real estate agents aren’t taking shots, and not getting the leads that are online.

Realtors can learn a lot from “The Great One.”

Agent Sidekick can help you skate where the puck is going with your own business website so you can take a shot at each of those leads searching online.

We uncomplicate Realtor websites.  We uncomplicate Realtor branding.  We uncomplicate Realtor lead generation.  And we uncomplicate Realtor marketing.   You can contact us and drop us a note so we can tell you how.

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