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If you are a Realtor who is in need of a personal website that is branded to you, your niche, your expertise, and your personality, we want to talk to you.

Many real estate agents have a website, but very few of those websites are worth the space they take up on the internet.  Many of those websites are through the Realtor’s brokerage. Even worse are those ineffective websites that a Realtor actually pays money for.

Your website with the brokerage is a number. No lead would ever find it. No client would ever use it.  If you are claiming that is “my website”, then that validates that you are ok that your brokerage views you as a number, not a Realtor. You are also not providing value to your clients and leads.

A website through Agent Sidekick provides value to the Realtor, the Realtor’s clients, and the Realtor’s leads.  Your website is personalized to you.  It gets found on the internet.  It gives your clients a way to remember, to connect, and to refer you. It generates leads, not just by home shoppers who are using it to search for properties, but more importantly by leads who connect with you, your business style, and your persona.

How did brokerages make the real estate transaction business so antiseptic.  Every brokerage markets themselves as caring about the client.  But they put a lead with the Realtor who is next on the list, rather than connecting the lead with the Realtor who can provide them the most value.

Every Realtor is different, but brokerages don’t treat their business like that.  And having a website with your brokerage removes the personal aspect of matching up leads with the right Realtor.

That is the problem that Agent Sidekick solves with the personally branded websites for Realtors. You can have a website from Agent Sidekick.

To learn how we do this, we encourage you to take a Product Tour.

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