Email Address

“Email Address?  Why does Agent Sidekick provide me an address?  I already have one.”

Did that thought cross your mind?  Does an email address really matter?  What is the email address that you currently use for your real estate business?

Most Realtors’ email addresses fall into one of two categories: a brokerage URL or a free webmail.  We’ll talk briefly about both.

1. Brokerage URL

Does your brokerage’s domain name follow that “@” symbol in your email address?

If it does, what happens if you join another brokerage or start your own brokerage?  What will happen to the contact information for all of your leads?  More important, how will your leads and clients know how to contact you?  You will have to get a new email address, and it will most likely have the new brokerage name after the “@” symbol.  Unfortunately, none of you leads and clients will know your new address once you get a new one.

By providing you with you own email address, you are totally mobile.  You can join another brokerage, and your leads and clients will always be able to contact you.  You can work for yourself, and your leads and clients will always be able to contact you.

And do you really want big brother having access to your emails?  No ethical brokerage would read their agents’ emails.  But if you have an email address with your brokerage’s domain, then those emails with your clients and your leads are sitting on their servers.

Also, by using email through your brokerage, you are providing them brand exposure.  However, you are a brand.  Your service through Agent Sidekick is an extension of your brand.  Your new email address will be another extension of your brand.

2. Free Webmail

Maybe you realized that there are drawbacks to having an email address with your brokerage’s URL.  So you got a “gmail” or “yahoo”, or even the more archaic “Hotmail” or “AOL” address.  Having a free webmail address may not be the best idea for your real estate business either.

Customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address. – Small business and customer survey conducted by GoDaddy

So what does Agent Sidekick provide you?

We give you an email address with through the Google Apps service.  We believe that a personal email address is so important that we cover this monthly cost for you while you are an Agent Sidekick customer.

What does that email address do for your business?

  1. It looks professional.
  2. It gives you mobility.
  3. It’s easy to remember.
  4. It provides an extension of your brand.

Very simple.  And you get it when you choose Agent Sidekick.

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