Intimidated by Technology Terminology?

Many people are intimidated by technology and don’t understand all of the terminology.

If you have researched website developers for your real estate business, then you have seen a lot of technology lingo that you don’t know how to make sense of.  We understand that at Agent Sidekick.  We were once in the same boat.

Here are some of the more common terms you will likely hear from website developers, what they mean, and how Agent Sidekick uses them.

WordPress: This is a CMS (Content Management System) tool that over 23% of  all websites in the world are created with.  When you write a letter on your computer, you may use Microsoft Word.  When website developers create websites, they most likely use WordPress. Agent Sidekick uses WordPress.

Plugins: These are utilities that are used by WordPress.  Kind of like Apps for your smartphone, there are “plugins” for WordPress.  When new versions are released for new enhancements, to fix bugs, or to improve security, the plugins need to be updated.  Most website developers require you to update your plugins.  Agent Sidekick will update your plugins as needed as part of your service.

Hosting: This is home base for your website on the internet.  When someone goes to your website, they are pulling the information from where your website is “Hosted”.  Agent Sidekick will manage the hosting of your website, so you don’t even need to think about it.  We set it up and manage it for you.  Unlike most website services, the host your website uses will be really fast.

URL or Domain Name: This is your domain name, or the name of your website that you see in the address bar.  The official term is Uniform Resource Locator, which the reason people call it URL for short.  You own it, and it is unique to you.  So long as you purchase it, nobody can take it away from you, unless you use a copyrighted name (tip: don’t call your website is our URL.

Many other terms are defined in the Product Tour, so you can read how they integrate with Agent Sidekick and how you would get benefit from them.  These terms include SEO, Blogging, and Mobile Responsive Website.

Hopefully, that helps you to understand the technology terms that you may have seen or heard.  But if you want more detail about how Agent Sidekick uses these technologies, or any other terms you have questions about, please email Mike directly at [email protected].  Otherwise, we hope you will sign up for a Free Consultation to learn how Agent Sidekick can help your real estate business.