Why Agent Sidekick?

Getting leads is tough.  Getting good leads is even tougher.

Everybody uses the internet.  Every business has a website.  You are a business.

Your brokerage may have provided you a website, but how effective is that website?  Do you know why?

Most Realtors have a website or a web page through their brokerage and think that this is enough to generate leads.  Unfortunately, your website is no different than any other Realtor’s website at your brokerage.  This provides no value to the home shopper or home seller that is searching for a Realtor that would be the right fit for their personality and their needs.

Why Agent Sidekick?  We want home shoppers and home sellers to be able to find the Realtor that is right for them when they search for one on the internet.

Agent Sidekick provides websites for Realtors to showcase their specialties, their niche, and their personal brand.  These website provide a lot of additional value to you, your leads, and your clients.

We understand that your time and money are valuable.  We also know that there are a lot of people and companies who can build a website for you.  Get them quoted, compare prices, and compare features.  Compare total value.

When you are done shopping, you may find that Agent Sidekick is not be the best fit for your needs.  If that is the case, then thank you for stopping by!!

However, if we provide the type of service that you understand can help your business out, a price you can afford, then please contact Agent Sidekick for a consultation today!

If you want to learn more, then take our Product Tour, or request a Free Consultation.